Rowket Market is going to be entering into a new dimension with the upcoming things that are planned.

New Logo

As we enter this new era, we decided to change our logo and refresh the website to go along with what is planned ahead. Here’s a screenshot of it but the teaser…

We’re pleased to announce our first incubated artist who will be getting featured on our launch day, meet Jithu aka Whats In A Name.

Born in Kerala, a southern state in India, Jithu is a self taught artist who sees his mission to penetrate the mysteries of the universe by…

As we approach our NFTs marketplace launch, we’re excited to introduce the latest segment in the Rowket ecosystem — Rowket Artist Incubation!

What Will It Do?

The aim is to connect digital collectors with creators while giving maximum exposure to the creators. …

We’re excited to announce our second official partnership with Magikarp Finance!

What is Magikarp Finance?

This project hatched from the idea to include the community as a core part of a project while adding fun mechanics.

Magikarp ($MAGI) is a RFI token, which means that, with every transaction made, there will be a %…

Can’t be anymore proud because that was a perfect launch for Rowket Market.

What happened?

We stealth launched around 8 pm UTC. And in less than 4 hours we had already crossed 500+ hodlers and surpassed a whopping $1 million market cap and $4 million in volume. We already burned around 3% of total supply and it’s looking better by the minute.

First audit is done, second audit will be coming soon. Expect a CoinGecko listing VERY SOON and CMC listing. Website is launched as well.

We also launched a LP Provider contest. We will take a random snapshot from now and until Friday the 19th to pick out the top 10 LP providers as winners for our exclusive Dragonite NFT. Only 10 of these NFTs will exist!

We’re excited to announce our first official partnership with Lightning Protocol!

What is Lightning Protocol?

Lightning Protocol is the first fully deflationary and supply elastic protocol. There are no negative rebases and yet it is fully deflationary. Lightning works through a dynamic burn rate, which is applied at each Buy/Sell order.

How will the Rowket-Lightning Partnership work?

The Lightning LP providers and the stakers will be airdropped exclusive electric Pokemon NFTs which then can be traded on the Rowket marketplace!

With the rise of NFTs and Binance Smart Chain, Rowket Market is here to utilize those advancements and fill an essential gap when it comes to NFTs.

What Is Rowket Market?

Rowket Market is a decentralized community-driven NFTs marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain. When it comes to NFTs, Binance Smart Chain is…

Rowket Market

Rowket Market is a decentralized community driven marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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